University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau



  • To give employment Information and advice to the University alumni.
  • To give information on various cources of higher studies in India and abroad.
  • To collect and desseminate occupational Information, information regarding scholarship, fellowships, training, admission etc.
  • To collect and desseminate career guidance literature, magazines etc. To help students in their career planning
  • To vender vocational guidance to the students.
  • To collect desseminate and provide information on competative examinations conducted by the various Public Service Commissions, Staff Sellection Commission etc.
  • To prepare Employment Guidance Bullettin to help students in their educational and vocational planning.
  • To maitain Career Information Room in the Bureau.
  • To organise campus interview in collaboration with the University departments.
  • To organise pre examination coaching scheme for some competative examinations with assistance of the University.
  • To get the enterprising unemployed youths acqainted with the facilities and incentives under the self employment scheme for registered unemployed.





For more details contact the Employment Officer

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